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If you've been arrested, you need to act quickly. Hiring an experienced attorney should be the first item on your to-do list. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can create a plan of action for your defense. Sherwood & Sherwood P.C. offers criminal defense in Valdosta, Georgia and the surrounding area. We've served as an advocate for arrested individuals in an attempt to reduce their charges or avoid conviction. Do everything you can to fight for your freedom. Call Sherwood & Sherwood P.C. as soon as possible for assistance.

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You're going to need a strong legal advocate on your side to represent you inside and outside of the courtroom. Sherwood & Sherwood P.C. will gladly take on the role as your advocate and guide during this treacherous time. We've helped individuals facing:

DWI and other intoxication charges
Assault and domestic abuse charges
Theft and fraud charges
Burglary and robbery charges
Traffic violation charges

Make sure your defense is as strong as possible. For dedicated criminal defense services in Valdosta, Georgia, call Sherwood & Sherwood P.C. today.